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Community Involvement and Giving Back: Mashi Epting's Appointment to the Library Board

On March 6th, 2023, Mashi Epting was appointed to the Board of Control of the Ouachita Parish Public Library by the Police Jury after Robert Wright resigned. During the board meeting, Epting was sworn in by Mitchell, making her an official member of the library board. Epting expressed her excitement for the appointment and reminisced about going to the library with her friends when she was younger because she grew up in the neighborhood. Her appointment is evidence of her dedication to the area and her desire to have a good impact.

Epting's responsibility on the Board of Control is to oversee the activities of the Ouachita Parish Public Library, which includes making crucial choices regarding the budget, programs, and services offered to the locals. Epting adds significant insights with her experience and knowledge that will definitely help the library and the community it serves. The Ouachita Parish Public Library serves a crucial role in the community by providing access to knowledge, education, and entertainment for individuals of all ages.

The Ouachita Parish Public Library is essential to the community because it makes knowledge, education, and entertainment accessible to people of all ages.

Epting's appointment has placed the library in capable hands and will likely allow it to continue serving the community for many years to come.

In conclusion, Epting's appointment to the Ouachita Parish Public Library Board of Control is a positive step for the institution and the community. Because of her devotion to the community and love of the library, she is the ideal candidate for the position. The library and its users are fortunate to have Epting on board since her arrival will undoubtedly improve operations and services.

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